At Parot Design using CSS and DHTML we take your web site design in graphic file format and hand code it into any markup language – HTML, XHMTL.

PSD to HTML/XHTML icon We take web site designs in graphic file format and using table-less CSS hand code into any accessible markup language required (HTML, XHMTL). Our hand coded pages offer reliability, cross browser compatibility, and strict adherence to W3C standards.

We also redesign and accurately code exiting web sites – an effective and a low cost solution to start improving the results you get from your website.

If your web site uses frames and tables in it’s layout you need to have your web site redesigned. Search engines have changed their algorithms – the formulas by which they index web sites – and many have now stopped indexing frame and iframe based websites.

Website accessibility plays a part in creating accurately coded web sites with numerous benefits for everybody. The internet is about mass communication your website crosses boundaries influencing people thousands of miles from where you.

Correctly coded web site could increase your web site visitors by upto 25% because you bridge the ‘Digital Divide’.

Web sites that are accurately coded help with Search Engine Optimization – making your web site more visible to search engines so that more people can find it.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) sets the standards for coding HTML and CSS for web pages.

Valid HTML/XHTML code improves crawlability by the search engines making the pages easier to index.