“Designed-in Accessibility” with Tom Jewett

@Laura Carlson – opps twitter language here.

Just received Lauras’ Web Design Update Volume 7, Issue 47, May 22, 2009.  As you may know were are based on a Greek Island so don’t get to the USA or UK that often so we tend to miss out on conferences etc – Hey why don’t you all come 2 Kefalonia for one – great facilities, climate beaches etc etc…. and where we are free broadband (yes I said free)

Opps got carried away, anyhow there is an on-line web event on Thursday (28th) about creating accessible web sites.  Take a look at this web page Webinar by Tom Jewett it states:

  • Who Should Attend? Anyone who creates a web pages or web sites.
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • ATI Contact: Jean Wells, jwells@calstate.edu

The agenda looks interesting and as in life we will all learn something.

I shall be there why don’t you get there.

Go on take the first steps to accessibility.