My oh my, really? – yes

Browsing the wonderful www today as usual I take time out to look at other blogs and associated web sites.  Today I came across a web design company (in the US run by “native English language speakers”  with an interesting portfolio (they seem to have a large – and I mean a large – number of Clients), well done.  They also have a blog; again well done.

But how come they have clients when:

  • So few links on their web site actually work?
  • The site and blog are written in an English that reads more like Spanglish or Greeklish – Gobbledegook is easier to understand.
  • They pay no attention to accessibility
  • They pay no attention to userbility

As far as their published prices (that link works!) – you buy online and pay upfront with no consultation etc.

The link text to get to their portfolio is “our portfolio look our last best design portfolio”

Well –  they don’t appear to actually have any clients! all the designs in the portfolio and their related URLs lead to page errors.  A bit more research and you find that all the designs are from the stock web design portfolios.

When you choose a web designer (and we are not one – we code web sites that’s what we do and there is a big difference!) please make sure they have a verifiable portfolio and that they consult with you first.  There are some great designers out there with good portfolios, good practice, great skills and who actually want to work with you to create a tangabile benefit to your company.

The site I refer to has a Package 2 initially it sounds good you get:

  • Up to 20 web Pages with images.
  • Custom Design (3 Layouts) to suit your business.
  • Shopping Cart.
  • Three level of categorization of the product through admin Panel
  • Payment Gateway Integration. Either from a bank or Pay Pal or similar vendor.
  • Content Management system for client to add, edit or delete the data
  • Content Management system for client to add, edit or delete the Products.
  • Bulk Up loader to upload multiple products with images on the website.
  • Inventory system to know your sales, stock and delivery.
  • Contact us form
  • Flash Animation.
  • Product search feature within the website.
  • Administrative functions like order tracking, replacing products etc.
  • Domain Name Registration and Hosting (Optional)
  • SEO Compatible.
  • Website submission to Search engines.

at a cost of $3,250.00

But don’t foget you pay upfront!

$3,250.00 is a very large amount of money to ‘pay up front’ for a standard stock template design that you can pay $50- $150 for from many sites.

Please, if you are looking for a web site design find a good designer or look at sites like a design competition site where you set up a competition for “real” designers to design your site – hey even people like Travelodge have used it (OK that was for a new logo for Canada).  You get the design in a PSD format for people like us to code.  Think about this a design competition (minimum prize $250 per page layout) plus coding – hey you could have “Package 2” for less than $2000 – that’s a minimum saving of $1250 and you get to have a unique design to your specifications and one that will be a benefit for your company.

We work with a number of design companies and in conjunction with them now offer 24/7 support, try get that from a company that only sells templates (at sky high prices).

If you don’t like the idea of a competition i.e. 99designs then in the US we are working with Razolution who currently have offices in Albany (NY) and Atlanta shortly to open an office in Las Vagas (so they have good geograpical coverage).  In South Afirca we suggest Gypsy Cooper – actually Lyne – and her husband who can be contacted here Both have great portfolios, are very nice people to work with and will give you something you really want.