Google vs Twitter

There is a lot of talk about how Twitter and Google are “in competition” – from my standpoint they aren’t (yet!) The big difference is that Google serves you up answers (data) based upon any search request (query) from it’s database and the information that contains. If your web site has not been indexed recently then the information Google can serve up is out of date.

Whereas Twitter can give you real answers from real people in real time. With Twitter you have 140 characters to ask your question which plenty of people can easily understand. If not then they may @you you to get more information – in real time.

Twitters can provide thoughts and recommendations.

Until Twitter Search goes fully ‘live’ it enables us to gather information online: via conversation, rather than via data dump. Twitter is compelling because it is opening up tremendous new possibilities to enable useful information flow that simply wasn’t possible before.

This is great for accessibility. It goes back many years, before the web, can’t find it? ask someone. Afterall which would your prefer, an automated responce or a “personal reccommendation”