Great response – thank you

Last week I posted an article “Why always in USA – can Europe share pls?” – see it here and I must thank those people who have posted comments and also responded via e-mail

It appears that there are two some differing points of view – all agree that we need to do more about accessibility but not sure how to do it.

To a number of people I have suggested an accessible seach engine/directory!   One that only lists accessible sites, perhaps even with an accessibility rating system created/administered by the people who actually used the engine.Yes I know there are too many engines/directories out there, but I have yet to find a proper acccesible directory/search engine that only lists accessible sites. – if one exists then it is very badly marketed.

If such a site was created (and people could be driven to it) it should produce results etc. for those people with accessible sites, this could then produce a catalyst for other people to become accessible.  Think about how quickly Google became the main engine (No I don’t think that my idea is going to challenge the Googles of the world, though nice thought), but it may provide a way to promote accessibility issues on the internet.
I already have the site and database designed (but not live, just on my testing server) and if I can gather a groundswell of support I really think that such a site – if live – would both work and be a great benefit to the internet.