Do you have time for this?

The internet or web – depending on your pereferences – is about mass communication, indeed the internet or web is the only tool that can cross country boundaries influencing people thousands of miles from where you are sitting right now. Why then do so many people ignore 25% of the people who vist their web site?

Yes – I said 25% of web site visitors.

think of it in simple terms – your web site is seen by:

  • 100 people or 125 people
  • 1000 people or 1250 people.
  • 10000 people or 12500 people.
  • 100000 people or 125000 people.

Which would you rather have?

Years before we started blogging we gave some advice to a ‘small’ company with a web site.  At the time of consulting they were turningover about 2.5M per year.   5% of that derived from their web site.  We gave advice which they acted upon (makes a change).  Within 3 months of acting on that advice they were forcasting an increase in turnover of more thaan 150% for the forthcomming year – all driven by the new web site we advised on.  Their website traffic went from about 20 a day to 100+ per day.  What was best was they forecast that the on-line turnover would increase from 5% to over 50%!

Not bad.