Economic woes deepen ……

As the economic woes deepen, there will be a lot of endings, a lot of new beginnings and plenty of opportunities.

Some folks will have given up, while a whole new batch starts up. If 2009 is the demise of Big Business, it may well also be the year for Small Business Start Up’s.

Daily we see web design activity from start up companies. Not all big, mainly small. Employees of companies that have folded are now branching out and taking the plunge – starting their own business. The number of ‘corporate lawyers’ that are becoming town practices or specialist 1 or 2 man practices is enormous.

Long may this continue.

Small businesses have a reputation for supporting the big business – some even grow into big businesses. More often it is the small business that is the most innovative. Big boys have the money to pay for research and development, they may even have an R&D department, but the small don’t. They rely on intuition and perseverance and many find that product or service that is missing.

The more businesses that start the quicker the economy will turn round as small businesses will drive the recovery. They will also drive future development of business to business on the web.

In the past three months we have seen an increase in our work load from geographic areas outside ours. We are based in Europe, but now a large percentage of our work comes from the USA and Australia.

Part of the reason for this is our ability to alter our working schedules to meet the demands of our new clients. Yesterday we had a MySQL database to repair. The client was based in the US, at 17.30 (their time) they had a problem, called us (24.30). The problem was sorted before they opened for work the next day. – Actually 3 hours later.

That client could concentrate on their work schedule and leave the rest to us in the knowledge that when they needed the database again (the next morning) it would be ready and waiting for them.

By creating strategic alliances using the web small businesses can now offer a true 24/7 service therefore offer greater customer service.

A web designer in the US can send a design for coding to Europe overnight (and depending on size) have the files back ready for the next day. This means that the designer can concentrate on design (what they really do) day in day out without having to worry about when to do the coding.

Long may this continue