Changing geographics in Google

Generally, search engines like Google and Yahoo associate domains with a geographic target based on:

  • Domain name extension. Examples: .com is neutral, is UK and .dk is Denmark.
  • IP Address of webhost server and IP Address of DNS nameservers.
  • Language used in pages found throughout the domain. <html lang=”en”>.
  • From which countries and domains backlinks are coming from.
When users enter search queries into search engine like Google and Yahoo, the IP address of the user is taken into account when providing search results. The idea is the search results become more relevant and targeted to the user.
This is great, but we have recently changed my geographic from UK to USA as most of our work comes from there – guess it is beceause when we work it is night in the US so most work can be completed overnight – however I have noticed a considerable change in our Google rankings.  When targeting the UK we were constantly on the Google frontpage for most of our targeted keywords/phrases.  Now we seem to have dropped about 6 or 7 pages.  Ouch…..
We will make that back up again but it does go  to show that changing your target market can affect your rankings.
Will keep you all posted on how we progress