A thought on SEO

Having suggested why you might need SEO – again optimisation for the Brits out there and not optimization – a thought occured to me at about 5.00 this morning. OK I don’t claim ‘ownership’ as an original thought in SEO terms but .. I haven’t yet seen this as an example on other SEO pages, so try it out – and let me know if I may have an original!

In business we all have customers, simply put external and internal. If you haven’t heard that before here is an explanation:

Internal ‘customers’ are the people in your company or perhaps a partner / company that you provide your services too in order to deliver your company’s products or services.


External customers are those people that actually buy your company’s products or services.

So – how does that relate to my web site and SEO

Quite simple – if I use the fruit and veg shop analogy again. Now you have a web site you are ’selling’ another product – your web site and the information it contains. Just a little different from selling apples and pears, but the principle is still the same – a product is a product.

OK, so now we have to deal with that new product.

Dealing with the old ones is now virtually second nature. Someone comes into your shop and buys a product (hopefully more), pays for them and with good customer service comes back and becomes a regular customer.

But who is the customer for this new product? Firstly it’s the search engines, and then the people who visit your web site from them. A search engine has become your customer – the product they want from you is information.

Yes, a search engine is an external customer of yours and like all customers requires customer care. The only difference is that in ‘internet jargon’ the customer care a search engine needs is called Search Engine Optimisation (optimization for those who want to relace s with z).

Not convinced? Try treating your customers badly, see how many come back, how quickly your turnover falls.

No the search engines do not pay you money for your new product – well at least not directly, but indirectly …….. every visitor to your web site could be a physical customer who may spend money with you.

SEO is good customer care for search engines. Treat them well and they will treat you well.